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10 Olympic Motivational Marketing Secrets to Achieve Record-Breaking Results

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #1:

Without Coaching, YOU will fail!

Simply because YOU will pick and choose what YOU want to do. A Coach will push you to be better and tell you what you don’t want to hear. You cannot do this for yourself! If it’s impossible for an Olympic athlete to succeed without a Coach despite extreme discipline, then how can you expect to succeed without a Coach in your corner?

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #2:

Failure is inevitable without Accountability!

You can’t be accountable with yourself just like you can’t coach yourself. While you know the results you want to achieve, you will not push yourself to achieve them. You also can’t be accountable to a friend. While they have good intentions, it simply won’t work!  A friend will tell you what you want to hear, and your Coach will tell you what you need to hear. Get accountable with your Coach today and commit to going to the next level!

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #3:

You must have a bullet-proof schedule in order to stay laser-focused on your goals.

If you aren’t scheduled, then you are choosing to live in chaos. You cannot achieve the next level in your life and business if you are constantly surrounded by chaos.  Just having a daily schedule isn’t enough. Your schedule should also show sacrifice. If you aren’t sacrificing for your goals, then you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. That’s right…it’s time to stop some of the things that you want to do and start investing your time in the things that you need to do to achieve the results that you desire.

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #4:

Always train even in pain!

You can’t stop when there’s pain or discomfort caused by adversity. Instead, focus on the other areas in your life and business that are strong. Shifting your focus will strengthen your weakness until it is no longer a weakness. However, focusing on your weakness will ultimately lead to defeat.

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #5:

Your hate list is necessary for success.

“Hate” is a strong word that basically means you loathe or despise something to the point that you don’t even like to think about it. You must confront things on your hate list and attack them head-on when they are integral parts of your life or business. Just like an Olympic athlete must face their hate list to strengthen their physicality in order to win a medal, you must do the same in your life and business.

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #6:

You must INSTANTLY delete ALL negativity out of your life!

Instantly means without hesitation or delay. If you take time to think about who or what you need to delete, then you won’t do it! Don’t delay deletion of people or things that are hindering your success or you will end up paying the ultimate price of failure.

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #7:

Write down your goals!

When you write something down, it becomes real to you. You are casting your vision for your future and committing to it by writing it down. While technology is great, nothing beats writing out your goals and dreams. Plus technology fails!  Don’t trust a device to control the ultimate success of your goals. Grab a pen and paper…write down your goals!

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #8:

Live a life of ALL OUT commitment!

When you are fully committed to the achievement of your goals and dreams, nothing will stand in your way. Beware of excuses!  Just one excuse will kill your commitment and detour you on your success journey. ALL OUT means that you are 1,000% committed! Yes, I know that is statistically impossible, but it’s when you believe in miracles, nothing is impossible! Say it out loud – The impossible is possible for me!

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #9:


It’s easy to learn something new, but it takes true commitment to actually step out in faith and implement changes in your life and business. This is especially hard when it’s an uncomfortable change or something you simply don’t like. Without challenges, there is no change, and you cannot go to the next level. Take a deep breath, focus on your goals, and start implementing the daily actions that you know will radically change your life!

Mind-Blowing Olympic Motivational Marketing Secret #10:

Choose one of the secrets above and do it twice!

Yes…pick what you don’t like most and double up on it. Remember, you must strengthen your weakness!


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