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March 30, 2018
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November 27, 2018
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21 Motivational Marketing Mindsets to Guarantee 2018 is Your Year

Mindset #1 – Little Bit of Extra

All you need to do is a little bit of extra every day to become absolutely EXTRAORDINARY! Don’t just do what your customers expect of you. Go above and beyond to build a trusting, long-term relationship with them.

Doing that little bit of extra will show your customers that you care about them, and that you are committed to providing EXTREME customer service.


Mindset #2 – The Code of Commitment

My code name is commitment! Say that out loud like you mean it! Are you really committed to the achievement of your goals and dreams? I mean REALLY committed!

That means you are willing to pay the price for success in every area of your life no matter what adversity comes your way. If you aren’t, then there’s no way that you will achieve your goals and dreams. Commit today!


Mindset #3 – Understand that Today’s Decision is Tomorrow’s Past

Don’t let what you can’t control end up controlling you! Most people spend so much time focusing on their past that they can’t focus forward on their future.

You can’t change your past so stop living in it! Commit to your future and focusing forward on the achievement of your goals and dreams!


Mindset #4 – Celebrate Being Alive Each and Every Second

I am celebrating the gift of life that I have every single day! Today is the present so open it with great expectation. It’s the best gift that you will ever open so treat it that way!

I challenge you to get up every morning with an expectation of miracles and commit to celebrating your life every single day!


Mindset #5 – Rock-Solid, Bullet Proof Daily Schedule

A tired mind equals tired results. You must rest your mind and your spirit to achieve greatness. There’s simply no way that you can function at your optimal level if you are constantly tired. The enemy of procrastination, fear, and doubt will attack you when you are weary so commit to resting your mind and spirit.

You will get more rest if your schedule is rock-solid and bulletproof, because you won’t be constantly distracted by things and people that exhaust you. Commit to resting your mind and spirit.


Mindset #6 – *5* Year Plan of Action

Say this out loud – “I choose to stand on the *5* Year Faithful, Why Warrior Plan of Action!” There are no shortcuts to success so commit to sticking to your success journey and traveling the road that will take you to your goals and dreams.

Don’t fall for get rich quick schemes. If it’s too good to be true, then it is so don’t fall for it! Stick to the *5* year plan of action!


Mindset #7 – Think Outside of the Box

That’s right! Think outside of the box, which is your comfort zone. You must get outside of your warm, cozy comfort zone or you will never get to the next level in your life and business.

Your creativity is not found in your comfort zone. You can’t believe beyond the box unless you step out of it! Commit to think outside of the box and start taking steps of faith toward your goals and dreams!


Mindset #8 – Truthful Accountability for My Actions

Say this out loud – “I am accountable for my daily actions!” Your daily actions produce your results…good or bad. At the end of your day, you must be able to look back at your daily actions and be accountable for your results.

Yes! Your results are your responsibility. Make sure that you are truthful about your results and accountable for your actions!


Mindset #9 – Expect Victory Because of Challenges

Victory does not exist without conflict, competition, and challenges. You cannot achieve your goals and dreams if you don’t accept challenges in your life. Inside the word “challenge” is “change.”

In order to change your life, you must accept challenges and fight for the victory that you deserve. You were born to live FREE!


Mindset #10 – LIVE Events Create the Moment for My Momentum!

(Affirmation #165 from the *365* Affirmations to Absolutely Guarantee a Record-Breaking Year book): Say this out loud – “I am decisive attending LIVE events to change my life!” Yes, attending LIVE events and surrounding yourself with other like-minded champions will create radical momentum in your life.

You can’t do it alone! Commit to attending LIVE events so that you can immerse yourself in powerful teachings and build a Mastermind Team of Champions that support you unconditionally.

 I believe that 2018 can be the great year of your life!

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