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*7* Supernatural, Faithful, Challenging Choices to Develop a Billionaire Mindset

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This is part of my teaching from this past weekend’s “How to Speak Like a Billionaire Boot Camp.” The Champions at the event loved it so I decided to give you a sneak peek with you.

I will refer to the affirmations from my book, *365* Affirmations to Absolutely Guarantee a Record-Breaking Year. Get the book for free and follow along with this teaching at www.365AffirmationsBook.com.

BONUS: There are actually *24* Supernatural, Faithful, Challenging Choices to Develop a Billionaire Mindset, but I’ll only be sharing *7* of them in this blog post.  Email me directly at John@GiantGoals.com to get this entire teaching as a Bonus.  Just say “Billionaire Mindset!”

Challenging Choice #1 – Live to Be Challenged or Flatline (Affirmation #175 – I am challenging myself to change my life second by second): Open yourself up to challenging opportunities. Live to be challenged! If you don’t accept life’s challenges, you will flatline and fail. Challenging change will create the achievement of impossible results.

When you’re challenged, you’re always moving forward and learning. Do you live to be challenged or live to give excuses? Don’t fall victim to excuses. Release your ego and choose to be challenged! There’s freedom in being challenged because you’ll never have to worry about failing.

Challenging Choice #2 – You Either Believe that the Impossible for You or You Don’t (Affirmation #174 – The impossible is possible for me!): You have to believe that you can achieve the impossible. The day you take things for granted, is the day you stop yourself from producing miracles. If you don’t believe in the impossible for yourself, you can’t enhance someone else’s life.

Belief builds on belief. Choose to believe in the impossible every morning to set the tone for your day. If you don’t choose to believe that the impossible is possible for you, then everything you’re doing is worthless. Nothing is impossible for you!

W.A.R: (Words, Action, Results) When you sow words and take action, you will reap results! This is in every part of your life and the results can be either positive or negative; the outcome is determined upon the seeds you’re sowing! Declare war on your words and speak success into your life. Then, take action and You Will Achieve the Impossible!

Challenging Choice #3 – Release Stubbornness or Else, Nothing Changes (Affirmation #161 – I am releasing the stubbornness spirit in order to grow): Stubbornness is an internal, self-belief mechanism that covers up low self-esteem and blocks your success. Don’t be so stubborn that you don’t choose to go out and attempt to achieve success.

Why would you disagree with your next level? When stubbornness is in play, your opportunity will run right past you! Beware: If you are stubborn, you won’t implement change and if you don’t implement change, you will flat-line or fail.

Challenging Choice #4 – Willingness to Listen (Affirmation #359 – I am willing to listen to my heart and trust it enough to step out in faith): You have to listen with a willing heart and without an ego. When you feel a tugging in your heart, that’s when you have to make the decision to step out in faith.

If you’re not willing to listen, nothing will change in your life. Think about it; when you re-arrange the letters in the word “listen”, you get “silent”. You can’t listen if you’re continuously talking. Just stay quiet, listen, and implement.

Challenging Choice #5 – Second by Second Challenge (Affirmation #175 – I am challenging myself to change my life second by second!): Being challenged is being free. When you challenge yourself to be better physically, emotionally, and financially, you free yourself from worry, stress, and anxiety.

Don’t stay stagnant! Everything in life is a choice. Choose to move through your struggles and challenge yourself through your journey of success. You will overcome your challenges as long as you commit to the 1mph process.

Challenging Choice #6 – Absolute Commitment (Affirmation #310 – I am absolutely committed, for as long as it takes, no matter what it takes):  You have to be absolutely committed in life. Not the people to your left or those to your right, but YOU!  Your commitment should be bulletproof and everyone around you should see it.

Do people see this character trait in you? Is it a distinguishing quality in your life? This is what this world needs- people who are absolutely committed. When you have an absolute commitment to yourself, you have an absolute commitment to your consumer! Are you absolutely committed?

Challenging Choice #7 – Miraculous Giving Mindset (Affirmation #318 – I am giving away more than I am keeping!  I am a Champion giver!):  You have to have the mindset of always giving. The most successful people have a giving heart. Give people hope, a smile, a compliment, encouragement! Be a giver!

The average person doesn’t give but the average person isn’t a world changer! Do people look at you as a giver? Have a miraculous giving mindset and give away more than what you’re keeping… It’s worth it!

Now, it’s time to implement these challenging choices into your life and business.  Remember, challenges create change!


P.S. Email me directly at John@GiantGoals.com to get this entire teaching as a Bonus.  Just say “Billionaire Mindset!”

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