11 Proven and Time-Tested Marketing Fundamentals on How to Build a Highly Profitable Business
February 28, 2018
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11 Marketing Strategies on How to Crush It

Marketing is incredibly simple when you prepare yourself through self-development every day. The eleven marketing strategies below are highly proven and effective to enhance your business and take you to your next level.

By making small adjustments and implementing these strategies every day, your marketing is guaranteed to completely transform and as a result, your business will explode!

In this article, I will be teaching from various principles represented in one of my best-selling books, *17* Highly Guarded Closing Strategies to Close Every Sale Guaranteed plus How to Combat the Fear of Closing.

Get the book today for FREE at www.HowToCloseMoreSales.com and follow along with the teaching.

Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #1

Today’s Decisions in Business Will Show Up Tomorrow

 Every decision you make in life has a result. Likewise, every marketing decision you make, will matter. Every single ingredient in your marketing will show up in your business – the good and the bad. What decision did you make today to create profitable results?

You can’t be stubborn about your decisions! Decide to go into your business with an expectant mindset and pour value into every single person whom you communicate with.

Decide to transform someone’s life because they’re doing business with you. You have the opportunity to make decisions today to enhance your tomorrow!


Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #2

Personal Quiet Time = Professional Quiet Time

The secret to marketing is being creative and always being innovative. When you set yourself up for success in the morning with personal quiet time, you open yourself up for this creativity to flow during your professional quiet time.

Allow yourself to extract successful masterminding through this process. You have to be silent and attentive during your quiet time, and when you are face-to-face with your clients. Your preparation and quiet time will allow you to be focused on your clients.

You’ll be able to cling onto all of the information they’re giving you because you’re quiet and listening. Then, you can accurately recommend your specific product or service to solve their problems and change their life forever.

Remember, if you can’t be quiet personally, you won’t be quiet professionally!


Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #3

The #1 Trend in Your Business MUST Be Customer Service

 Your business has to be known for its extreme dedication to customer service. What are you doing to serve your customers a little more every day?

You may already be doing a great job at serving your customers, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

Your customers will remain loyal if they know that they will always be treated exceptionally well when they do business with you. Happy customers will refer others to do business with you. This is why your revenue is based upon your customer service!


Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #4

All-Out, Loyalty Focus – No If, Ands, or Buts About it… Be Loyal or Go Home!

Loyalty is a principle to live by personally and professionally. You have to be loyal to yourself first, then loyal to others.

Consequently, you have to be loyal to others if you want them to be loyal to you! Your business has to ensure all-out loyalty to your customers no matter what. To be a top marketer, you have to remain loyal to the people’s lives whom you are changing.

Marketers are transformational based, salespeople are transaction based. You have to remember that your marketing transforms lives!

Miracles always show up through commitment! Commit to all-out, loyalty focus. If you can’t commit to being loyal, you will go out of business!


Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #5

A Focused Presentation with Open Communication

Are your presentations peaking your client’s interest? Open-ended questions will open up communication. The success of any relationship is based upon open communication.

In business, your presentations must be focused and allow your audience the opportunity to ask questions openly. Allow people to ask questions about the benefits of using your products and services.

Get them excited about these benefits! You should be enthusiastic every time someone asks you a question about how your business can help them!

As a marketer, you have to have open communication to build relationships with your customers. You have to give enough information during your presentations to extract questions and identify exactly what your client truly wants.


Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #6

The Mindset of an Interested Person is My Responsibility to CLOSE!

If someone comes into your business, that means they’re dissatisfied with the services they’ve received from other businesses in your niche.

As a marketer, it’s your responsibility to open up a relationship and close the sale with an interested, potential customer. It’s irresponsible to not go for the close!

Every niche has businesses that aren’t trustworthy. Don’t allow your potential customers to get involved with those businesses when they can have a relationship with a trustworthy business- yours!


Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #7

All of Your Marketing Words are Directors Plus Controversial Headlines are a Must!

Controversial headlines will grab your reader’s attention and keep them engaged. You have to always tell the truth!

Every word you say is giving someone direction somewhere. Your marketing has to direct your clients to your products and services that will solve their needs.

Your marketing also includes the words you speak and your presentations. Where are your words directing your clients?

Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #8

Planning for the Next Level and Beyond

You will always experience increase in your business when you are planning ahead. What are you planning for your future?

Your next level is right around the corner if you map out how to achieve your next level, and execute this plan! When you plan ahead, you will feel stress-free, worry-free, and confident.

If you’re not entirely sure about the “how”, don’t worry! Your “how” will always figure itself out when your “why” is strong enough. Stick to your Why and take forward moving action.

Plan, implement, and crush it!


Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #9

Seamless Transactions – Simple and Easy for Your Customers

No one wants to deal with any hassles or extra steps when they’re doing business with someone. Make transactions in your business easy so you’re customers can effortlessly get a hold of your product!

Accept all forms of payment – every type of credit card, checks, and cash. Don’t complicate this. In fact, every procedure in business should be simple for your customers.

You should have one phone number and one e-mail so it’s easy for your customers to get into contact with you. Always make business easy for your customers.

Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #10

Own the Crazy, Bonus Mania, Investing Mindset

You should be known for your giving heart. Increase your business’ value by giving bonuses! Everyone appreciates gifts and bonuses. Make your clients feel special and give them personalized bonuses.

Giving bonuses away in your business shows that you are investing into your customers and shows your appreciation for them!

The more you invest into your customers, the more they will invest into you! Plus, it always feels good to give someone a special gift.

Own the crazy, bonus mania, investing mindset in your business and you will feel your atmosphere enhance instantly!

Highly Proven and Profitable Closing and Marketing Strategy #11

The Relationship Increasing Mindset on a Daily Basis

You have to increase yourself every single day, so you can increase for your clients and build a massively successful business.

Your next level client is out there, but you have to go get them. You must have the confidence to go get them and build a relationship with them!

Build yourself up through self-development to develop the relationship increasing mindset every day!


These eleven marketing strategies are simple, yet they can be extremely influential in your business. Just a little more focus every day will prove to yourself and your customers that you are more than capable of being successful and dominating your niche!


Grab a hold of my best-selling book – *17* Highly Guarded Closing Strategies to Close Every Sale Guaranteed plus How to Combat the Fear of Closing – for FREE!

Go to www.HowToCloseMoreSales.com

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