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21 Motivational Marketing Mindsets to Guarantee 2018 is Your Year
May 2, 2018
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The Top *10* Marketing Trends You Better Know About or Else Your Business will Flatline or Fail – John Di Lemme

john di lemme marketingI’m sure that you’ve heard the old saying, “A trend is your friend.”  In most cases, the full quote should be, “A trend is your friend until it ends.”  Basically, a trend is great until it’s not popular anymore. That’s why you see so many businesses jumping from trend to trend always searching for the next best things.

However, the following marketing trends are ever evolving and will never come to an end. They will remain rock-solid along your success journey no matter what adversity you face.  That’s why you must know them or else your business will be in the danger zone of flat-lining or even worse, failure.

In this report, I’ll be teaching from my books, *17* Highly Guarded Strategies to Close Every Sale, and *57* Must Use Words in Every Piece of Marketing You Do for Your Business.  Go here to grab a FREE copy of both of these powerful Marketing books and follow along with the teaching…


Trend #1 – Customer Focus versus Friend Focus (Strategy #13, Actively Listening, from 17 Highly Guarded Strategies to Close Every Sale)

Active listening is the key. Active means current, right now, and present. Are you actively listening to your customer and listening to what they want? Also, a lot of people may be your friends but that doesn’t mean they know how to create a successful business.  People can talk about success all day but if they’re not implementing and taking action, it means nothing!

When you focus on your customer and listen to what they want, you will build your business from there. Actively listen and give your customer what they want! What’s trending for your customer? Grow with the trends and always improve!

Trend #2 – Sniper Focus on Presentations with All-Out Belief (Strategy #8, Shotgun versus Sniper from the 17 Highly Guarded Strategies to Close Every Sale book)

Get focused with your presentations! Focus on your customer and not yourself.  It’s all about what you can do for them.  Always focus on the benefits and results that your customer will achieve by investing in your products and services.

Commit to get laser-focused like a sniper on your presentations, because you have a responsibility to change lives with your products or services.  When you have that revelation, your presentations will peak interest and open up relationships long-term.


Trend #3 – Over-Delivering with Real Value (Word #16, Value, from 57 Must Use Words in Every Piece of Marketing You Do for Your Business)

The word “value” is essential to use in your marketing. When you offer value and share it, your customer will know that they can trust you. Price is not value. How many businesses have you seen lower prices yet they still aren’t breaking records?

Real value isn’t a tangible price or number.  It’s your customer trusting you to over-deliver and provide value that exceeds price.  Over-delivering is intangible.  It’s a mindset that you must develop in order to be there for your customer so they don’t have to worry about going to anyone else in your niche or industry.  Zero stress and anxiety are exactly what your customers want. That’s value!


Trend #4 – Confident Communication (Word #26, We are Just Not Another…, from 57 Must Use Words in Every Piece of Marketing You Do for Your Business)

Tell your customer that you’re not “just another…” in your industry.  Your customer wants to confidently know that they aren’t a number.  Instead, they are a real asset to your business and their life will change forever because of your product or services.

Start to use these words in your marketing and be bold.  More importantly, start using these words with your customers so that there is no doubt in their minds how important they are to you and your business. Confident communication must be one of the top trends in your company.


Trend #5 – The Open Ended Million Dollar Question (Strategy #11, The Million Dollar Question, from 17 Highly Guarded Strategies to Close Every Sale)

The open-ended Million Dollar Question is “What did you like best about it?” With this question, you automatically extract a positive response to find out what your customer really wants and what they like the most about your product or service.

This is much different than “What do you think?”  Considering that most people think about the cons of a purchase first, you never want to ask that question.  Asking what someone “thinks” elicits a negative response, which sets a negative tone.

Asking “What did you like best about it?” creates a positive atmosphere to open up long-term relationships with your customers.


Trend #6 -Free Bonus Crazy Mania (Word #49, FREE, and Word #17, Bonus, from 57 Must Use Words in Every Piece of Marketing You Do for Your Business)

Are you offering bonuses on a regular basis to your customers?  Giving away crazy bonuses is one of the most important trends to create irrevocable trust with your customers.

The bonuses don’t have to be anything expensive to be valuable to your customers.  They value things that in some way change their lives.  Now, it’s time to figure out what bonuses you can give your customers that are related to your product or service and show them how much you appreciate their loyalty to your business.


Trend #7 – All-Out, Opening Mindset (Strategy #2, Always Be Opening, from 17 Highly Guarded Strategies to Close Every Sale book)

Start your day with expectation that you are going to change lives and go all out for your customers. Going above and beyond for your customers should be a regular trend in your business.  However, you must set your mind on exactly what you are going to do and never waiver on your commit to your customers.

When you go all out for your customers, they will remember how you went way beyond just doing your job and how much you valued your relationship with them.  This all-out, opening mindset will create a raving fan base that will support your business for many years to come.


Trend #8 – Factual Results (Word #19, As a Matter of Fact, from 57 Must Use Words in Every Piece of Marketing You Do for Your Business)

 This trend is all about reviews.  Your potential customers want to hear from your current customers that have experienced your product or service…Real People with Real Results!  Why? Because they can relate to your customers and have a desire to hear from them. So give them what they want!

Share your customer reviews without hesitation.  Let these factual results speak for the integrity of your business.  People want to deal with facts and not fiction.  When you share your current customer reviews, others will be willing to do business with you because they see REAL, factual results.

Trend #9 – No More Dissatisfaction and Frustration Mindset (Word #20 – Dissatisfied, Word #38 – No More, and Word #48 – Frustrated from 57 Must Use Words in Every Piece of Marketing You Do for Your Business book)

The trending mindset in your company should be “My customers will never be dissatisfied or frustrated, because I’m committed to providing a solution to a problem that they are experiencing.”  Your customer wants to know that they will no longer suffer dissatisfaction or frustration after using your product or service.

When customers are dissatisfied and frustrated, they start looking for someone else to do business with.  Don’t let this happen in your business!  Commit to serving your customers, listening to them, and being a solution to their problem.

Trend #10 – Commit Like Amazon (Strategy #17, Commitment, from 17 Highly Guarded Strategies to Close Every Sale)

If you’re going to quit, quit now. Don’t waste your time, but more importantly, don’t waste your customers’ time. However, I challenge you to commit not quit.  If you have an ethical, moral product or service that will benefit your customers, then you owe it to them to stick it out long-term.

Commit like Amazon to your customers.  This basically means that you are always improving your systems and focus on providing nothing less than *5* star customer service.  It only takes a little extra to be absolutely EXTRAordinary like Amazon with your customers.  When you commit to this standard of excellence, quitting will never again enter your mind.

In conclusion, these trends should be the norm in your business not just an occasional occurrence.  Your customers must see them as part of who you are and what you are willing to do to build your relationships with them long-term.

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