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The Top 15 Billionaire Marketing Fundamentals on How to Guarantee 2017 is Your Greatest Year Ever in Business!

In this article, I will be teaching from one of my best-selling books, 57 Must Use Marketing Words in every piece of marketing that you do for your business.  Grab a hold of the book and audio book for FREE at www.FreeMarketingWords.com and follow along with the teaching.

Marketing Fundamental #1: Billion Dollar Business Owners are Decisive!

They make decisions constantly about their mindset of “always be opening” relationships in business. They are also completely focused on the experience of their clients long-term and make decisions to benefit those relationships.

Marketing Fundamental #2: Your Subject Lines and Headlines Must Grab the Attention of Your Clients INSTANTLY!

Your marketing headlines should aggravate your competition, but your clients will LOVE them. You have approximately three seconds to grab the attention of your clients and potential clients. If you don’t, someone else will!  Make sure that your subject lines and headlines make them do a double take because they are shocked by what they see.

Marketing Fundamental #3: Your Business Revenue Reflects Your Emotional Growth.

In order to absolutely love serving your clients at an extreme level, you must be extremely focused on building up yourself emotionally for the long-term.  If you don’t believe in yourself, then your clients will have absolutely no reason to believe in you or your business.  You must be confident in yourself in order to confidently serve your clients.

Marketing Fundamental #4: Working Hard and Being Busy Doesn’t Produce Revenue!

When you systematically apply proven, closing and marketing strategies that activate qualified leads and build relationships with your focused market, your business will explode. Systems are key! Remember, activity doesn’t always equal accomplishment so stay focused on your systems and moving forward 1MPH.

Marketing Fundamental #5: Strive to Create an Extraordinary Memory for Your Client.

How? Give your client a last impression bonus when they exit your business. This will create an extraordinary memory for them plus they will know that you are there to serve them. They will remember that you cared enough to give them a bonus, and it will constantly remind them of your business.  Everyone loves bonuses! This is a huge strategy in creating long-term client relationships.

Marketing Fundamental #6: Never Ever Prejudge the Potential of Your Clients.

What is your vision for your clients? If you don’t know, then they won’t know. It’s your responsibility to expand their vision as to how your product or service will change their life.

Marketing Fundamental #7: The Top 4 Systems to Consistently Improve in Your Business are Outgoing Phone Calls, Hand Written Thank You Cards, Personal Surprise Bonuses, and Monthly Mailers.

If you commit to these four systems, then there’s absolutely NO WAY that you won’t build long-term relationships with your clients.

Marketing Fundamental #8: Education Based Marketing Materials Create Trust in Your Clients.

Consistently give your clients valuable content that tells them that you value your relationship with them. Additionally, make them aware that you specialize in solving their problems long-term by showing them your growth within your market and sharing your knowledge about your product or service.

Marketing Fundamental #9: Consistently WOW Your Customers with Extreme Focused Customer Service.

When you WOW your customers on a regular basis, they will refer your business to everyone they know. Why? Because they love their results from your business, and they truly feel you care about them.

Marketing Fundamental #10: Your Customer Service is the Lifeblood of Your Business.

Make sure the #1 part of your clients’ day is when they experience your business.  Yes, it’s that important!  Create that extraordinary, lasting memory with your 5 star customer service that will make them want to come back.

Marketing Fundamental #11: The #1 Secret in a Highly-Profitable and Ever Growing Successful Business is to Always Present Your Product/Service in an Effective, Focused Fashion.

Your presentation must layout proven, time- tested solutions for your clients that are easy to understand. They count on you to explain to them why they need your product or service.  Then confidently make recommendations and suggestions that will solve the problem that they are experiencing and change their lives forever.

Marketing Fundamental #12: In Order to have Raving Business Reviews, You Must Truthfully Review Your Actions Each and Every Day.

It’s easy to place the blame on everyone and everywhere else when it comes to your business. However, the key is to look at what you could be doing better every day to keep consistently improving and growing your business.

Marketing Fundamental #13: Implement the Morning Huddle and Daily Checklist to Fine Tune Your Efficiency within Your Business.

An unexplainable, miraculous boost in the bottom-line of your business is a direct result of implementing rock-solid systems like the morning huddle and daily checklist.  Over time, these systems will create a loyal fan base of customers that will support your business for generations to come.

Marketing Fundamental #14: Faithful Listening and Learning to Provide What Your Client Truly Wants is the #1 Secret to Building Long-Term Relationships with Your Clients.

Listen to what your Clients are telling you they want with the goal of saying this back them, “Based on what I heard you say, this is what I recommend for you to achieve your goal of _____.”  They will know that you are truly listening to them, and they will be confident in investing in your product or service.

Marketing Fundamental #15: Confidence is the Ultimate Value Creator!

Without confidence, you’ll never believe in yourself enough for your clients to believe in you and do business with you. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will!

Now, it’s time for you to implement these fundamentals in your business so that you can guarantee that 2017 is YOUR Year of crazy victories!

In this article, I taught from one of my best-selling books, 57 Must Use Marketing Words in every piece of marketing that you do for your business.  Grab a hold of the book and audio book for FREE at www.FreeMarketingWords.com and follow along with the teaching.


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